Year of Spiritual Discovery​
                                          Weekly, All of 2021

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Jan-May: Saturdays 10:30 am -12:30 pm
June-August: Thursday’s 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Sept-Dec: Saturday’s 10:30 am- 12:30 pm

30 min yoga/movement practices & 90 min workshops

Virtual Live & recorded via Zoom, with unlimited replays!

Path to BEcoming
Are you on the path but find yourself dabbling in this & that, trying to find your personal connection to the Divine among the chaos of life & limiting beliefs? 
This year-long study course has been designed to progressively introduce you to the ways of the Spirit & how to integrate personal connection, love, & faith into your practice & into your life! 
Moving through the pragmatic into the esoteric, we will journey together ever deeper into your own knowing, your own conceptualization, your own unique ways of accessing the elusive peace that is gained from tapping into our innate wisdom. 
We are here on Earth to ascend, to grow into the best versions of ourselves, to BEcome our highest possible manifestation. 
Such a journey takes commitment; it takes the support of community on a similar path; it takes exposure to, & curiosity of, the many paths available to us. 
To the best of my ability, I will provide this container for you to learn, grow, & BEcome! 

We will meet weekly, all of 2021, for two hour workshops- 30 minutes of yoga/movement practice & 90 minutes of sharing this wisdom & group discussion. Each workshop will be recorded on video & shared with you to return to anytime you would like. Can’t make a class? No worries, love! Just watch the recording & continue with the assigned practices to stay on track with the group! 

Modules of Study
•Comparative Religion: Quick Academic Study of the Major World Religions (5 weeks)
A walk through religious theology, beliefs, practices, traditions, & ways of accessing “Spirit” in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, & Hinduism. This course is designed to provide an understanding of the basic similarities & differences of how we as human beings have collectively agreed to view the Divine, join in worship, & live our lives.

•Accessing Ancient Goddess Energy (4 weeks)
A deeper dive into Goddess Wisdom throughout the ages & around the world, with discussions on the Hindu Goddesses, ancient Sumarian, Greek, & Roman Feminine, & woman’s wisdom in Celtic & Norse mythology. While much of this wisdom has been lost or withheld, much has yet been preserved & reclaimed in recent times. We are invited to study & integrate the feminine back into our own understanding of the Divine & life itself. 

•The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali (8 weeks)
The foundational text of Yoga provides step by step instruction on how to access the Self & the Divine through yoga, self-reflection, meditation, & surrender. As we go through a textual study of the sutras in progression, encompassing the 8 Limbs of Yoga, we will also be experiencing their wisdom through our own personal practice of yoga & meditation. A personal copy of the Yoga Sutras is recommended, but not necessary.

•Ayurveda for Daily Life & Seasonal Transitions (4 weeks)
Ayurveda is called the “Indian Science of Life”, as it encompases not only medicine, but nutrition, daily planning, seasonal & life changes, self-care, and personal balance. The doshas (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha) & their combination of the 5 elements can be utilized to explain & adjust imbalances in the body, mind, & environment, leading to a healthier, happier, holier existence when understood & utilized regularly.

•Basic Western Astrology You Can Work With, Without being an Astrologer (4 weeks)
The moon, the stars, the planets! There is no question that the movement of the heavenly bodies affect us in subtle & unseen ways. Astrology is an enormous science that takes years of study & practice, yet anyone is able to access & work with the more basic tenants of these cosmic shifts. You will look at your own personal astrology through the sun, moon, & rising signs, their elements, & the planets & their houses- based on when & where your soul chose to be born in this lifetime. We will also discover & practice working with the moon cycles & the astrological wheel, both which provide clues to how we experience the world at any given time. 

•You Are a Sense-Being: Embody Your Vehicle (5 weeks)
Be here now, in your body, utilizing the 5 senses we were given to experience the world! We are Spirit having a human experience. Why would we try to disembody to access the Divine? We are Divine creation & this body is our vessel for enlightenment. This is an experiential & personally experimental workshop designed to bring you back home to your body. You will be led through & given practices to tap into your sense of smell, taste, touch, sight, & sound (& a lil bit of sex) in order to find home in your vessel & recognize your innate Divinity.

•Develop Your Intuition + Heal Thyself & Others with Energy Medicine (5 weeks)
Once we know that we are Divine, it is easier to see & work with the Divine in others & all around us! We all have intuitive abilities, because we are all connected in the cosmic web, but many of us have had this ability shut down by religion or society, feelings of separateness or lack of faith. Delve back into this connection through weekly guided experiential practices, cues to bring into your daily life to notice when your intuition arises, & a study of the energy body & sensing energetic anomalies. We will learn the chakras, nadis, aura & energetic field, & play with our ability to intuit energetic problems in bodies & how to help yourself & others heal with love. 

•What’s In Your Shadow & How To Bring It To the Light & Heal It (4 weeks)
Do you have lessons that keep cropping up for you? Do you carry around limiting beliefs that you can see are getting in your way? We all do, my dear. We all do. 
So what is the spiritual way to have shadow? Self-study. Self-discovery, Self-acceptance, & Self-love. 
This is a step-by-step course that will help us identify our true desires, discover our blocks, uproot them from the source, bring them to the light, & create fertile ground in our psyche to grow into our best selves. 

•Ritual, Magic, & Manifestation (5 weeks)
Saved this one for October! Let’s get witchy! 
By this point in the year, we will have a deep & thorough understanding of our innate connection to all things & our ability to transform energy. That’s all we need to delve into the esoteric arts! 
Where we focus energy, will receive energy. All things are transmutable. All things are possible. Dream it & it can be! 
*I personally do not practice spells, hexes, or curses & therefore will not be teaching these things. There are better ways.

•The Bhagavad Gita
(8 weeks) 
The most profound & loved text in Hinduism, and there is no question as to why! It’s literally all here. All the answers, all the ways, all the love. This is a text of true surrender, no matter your faith. We have done deep work to get to this point of understanding. This is the highest culmination of our year together! A personal copy of the Bhagavad Gita is recommended, but not necessary.

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